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contact Gonzo X yang02 “jactynogg zontaanaco ジャkuティー乃愚・存taアkoコ”

  • Organization : precog Co.,Ltd.
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Artist collective contact Gonzo, which gives improvisational performances based on physical contact, and yang02, an artist who questions the subjectivity of artistic expression through the use of autonomous machines and other devices, will create and present a new work “jactynogg zontaanaco” in 2023, based on the performance piece “untitled session” created in 2019.
In this performance piece, contact Gonzo’s improvised performance is recognized (misrecognized) as images, converted into language, and spoken through a self-driven machine created by yang02. contact Gonzo’s physical movements can be output as a natural language using a recent artificial intelligence model capable of learning images. However, intelligent methods of recognition related to the body are not limited to language and vision. This performance incorporates the latest interactive AI into the system, and has it intervene in physical expression as a new translator to reveal unknown forms of knowledge.

Direction/Composition: contact Gonzo, yang02
Performed by: contact Gonzo (Yuya Tsukahara, Keigo Mikajiri, Takuya Matsumi, NAZE)
Technical design: yang02, Takanobu Inafuku (HAUS)
Stage Manager: Takashi Kawauchi
Live commentary: Akiyoshi Nita
Organized by: precog co, LTD.
Supported by: Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Japan Arts Fund
Cooperation: ANOMALY, Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka, otomo inc.


precog Co.,Ltd.
We at precog are a production company engaged in the planning and execution of art projects.
The subject of our activities may be encapsulated in the words “cross-cutting and translating.” In recent years, we have also been putting efforts into accessibility and inclusion. We continue to pursue project contemporaneity and the development of new projects.
We collaborate with artists, creators, and experts in various fields. Besides linking experience of art and audiences the act of viewing, we take a multifaceted approach that extends to international exchange, welfare services, community revitalization, and education. Through this approach, we generate new value and create the future of artistic expression.


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