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Aoki Koichiro shakuhachi recital

  • Organization : Aoki Koichiro
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


The performance of shakuhachi music, primarily centered around classical compositions, is being explored to convey the charm of traditional shakuhachi music and the instrument itself. To encompass a wide repertoire of traditional shakuhachi music, a selection of pieces from different styles such as Jiuta,Koto Music, Kinko-ryu, and Kinpu-ryu will be included, along with one contemporary music piece in the program. The performance will feature esteemed collaborators including Fumiko Yonekawa, a longstanding expert in the field of traditional Jiuta and Koto Music, as well as Fumisei Yonekawa, Reibo Aoki, Reiko Aoki, and Mako Aoki.


Aoki Koichiro
From an early age Aoki studied the shakuhachi under his grandfather Aoki Reibo the second and his father Aoki Reibo the third. In 2017 he graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts’ Faculty of Music, and in 2019 he completed a course at Tokyo University of the Arts’ Graduate School of Music.


Kioi Small Hall, Chiyoda City, Tokyo