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A series of concerts to perform all of the works of MIYAGI Michio,Vol 23

  • Organization : ANDO Masateru
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This is the 23rd installment in a series of concerts in which MIYAGI Michio’s works are performed chronologically with consideration to their historical background. This concert featured ten works from 1950 through 1953 in a varied program showcasing the breadth of MIYAGI’s music: the solo koto works “Shosyu no Yuube,” “Tanabatamatsuri,” “Honobonoto,” “Umegaeni,” and “Theme tune of the Sankyo Corporation”; the duet with violin “Sakura Sakura”; the trio for Koto, Kokyu, and Shakuhachi “Akanko no Hotori”; the ensemble pieces “Syowa syouchikubai” and “Ouzora wo”; and the grand ensemble “Haru no Fu.”
Commentary was provided by NOGAWA Mihoko. ANDO’s co-performers were ANDO Tamaki, ISHII Manami, and other Kisoukai members, with appearances by TONO Tamami (Sho), TAJIMA Ken’ichi (Shakuhachi), TOMOTSUNE Bizan (Shakuhachi), KIRIYAMA Tateshi (violin), and KITAGAWA Morio (flute). TSURUKAWA Hiroki was in charge of instrument maintenance, and the event was documented by FUJIMOTO So and HATTORI Fumio.


Dr.ANDO Masateru
ANDO Masateru studied koto with MIYAGI Michio, MIYAGI Kiyoko. He received his Ph.D. from Tokyo University of the Arts. He was awarded 1st place in the First Annual Miyagi Association Concours.
Since 1972 he has presented 39 recitals. In 1990 he embarked on a series of concerts to perform all of the works of MIYAGI Michio.
He has performed extensively throughout the Austria(including the Wiener Musikverein), United States(including the Carnegie Hall) and other 30 countries.
He has taught at Tokyo University of the Arts, Cambridge University Summer School (England) and Earlham College. (USA).
He released many CDs of MIYAGI works and famous traditional pieces.


ANDO Masateru
Fax: +81-(0)3-3425-0580
E-mail: ando.masateru@kisoukai.org


Kioi Small Hall, Chiyoda City,Tokyo