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The 15th Edition of the Prague Quadrennial PQ2023

  • Organization : Japan Association of Theatre Designers &Technicians (JATDT)
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


The 15th Edition of the Prague Quadrennial, PQ 2023, was held in June 2023 in Prague. PQ is an international performing arts exhibition that has been held every four years since 1967. At the time of the event’s launch, the focus was on exhibiting stage design, but these days artists and performing arts students from all over the world entertain visitors with unique performances in their respective exhibition spaces. The Japan Association of Theatre Designers &Technicians (JATDT) has taken part in PQ for more than half a century; for this year’s fifteenth event, JATDT had booths in the ECR (Exhibition of Countries and Regions) and SE (Student Exhibition) categories. For the ECR category, it gave a live online introduction to Japanese stage design and artists from during the coronavirus pandemic, and displayed art models and “touchable models’” of three of the works, allowing visitors to learn about stage art through vision and touch. For the SE category, 90 university students who had traveled to Prague gave a joint performance. Once more bringing together performers from all over the world after the common experience of the pandemic, PQ 2023 gave a strong impression of global performing arts having reached another turning point and entered a new era.


Japan Association of Theatre Designers & Technicians (JATDT)
The Japan Association of Theatre Designers & Technicians (JATDT) is the only professional association for theatrical designers in Japan. It brings together designers and technicians who participate in the visual and artistic aspects of the theatrical arts, as well as educators and researchers in the field.
The main objectives of the JATDT are to support the creative activities of its members and other theatrical artists throughout Japan and to help establish their social status. The organization also fosters further human resources in performing arts, preserves the professional skills of the members and non-members, and does many other activities.


Kanae Seino
JATDT PQ2023 General Manager
Japan Association of Theatre Designers & Technicians
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Holesovice Market, Prague, Czech Republic