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Hunter Graphus

  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Program: Hunter Graphus
Author: Franz Kafka, Screenplay/Direction: Lars Oyno, Music: Inaba Akinori, Stage art: Nono Soichi, Stage manager: Morisita Norihiko, Stage lighting: Saito Sigeo, Sounds:Koda Kazuma, Image: Miyata Mariko, Costume: Iwao Kaishi

Dolls: Edo Dennnai, Youki Isshi, Youki Tamiko, Youki Marina, Mano Toyo, Tuchiya Nagisa, Narita Romi, Hibiki Mika
Actor:Hanne Diesernd, Gisle Hass

A staging of Franz Kafka’s unfinished work “Hunter Graphus,” conceived and directed by Lars Oyno of the Gulsomheten Theater Company in Oslo. The Itoayatsuri Ningyo marionette troupe ISSHIZA, which is continually building and creating new worlds while passing down the marionette tradition, and the gifted actors of the Glusomheten Theater Company do away with the restrictive actor-and-puppet framework to perform together as true artists of the stage.
Hunter Graphus falls off a cliff and dies while chasing his quarry. But the old three-masted “death ship” taking him to the land of the dead loses its course, and continues to circle the seas for eternity.
This is Kafka’s curious unfinished tale about being neither dead nor alive, never being reborn, and wandering the earth in a state of suspended animation.


Ito Ayatsuri Ningyo Isshiza was formed by the third son of the late Magosaburou Youki the 10th, Isshi As a legitimate inheritor of the Edo style, the troupe performs classical marionette works as well as innovative new productions resulting from collaborations with contemporary artists. In 2015 Isshiza was invited by the University of Bologna in Italy to conduct a symposium, lecture and performance on the theme of tradition and the avant-garde, one of many projects the group has undertaken overseas. Isshiza is also actively engaged in the creation of theater pieces through international collaborative projects.
In 2022, the eldest son Keita Yuki inherited the name Isshi Yuki, and began identifying as Isshi Yuki the 4th. Isshi Yuki the 3rd revived the name of an Edo period master puppeteer, renaming himself Dennai Edo.


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