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Kodomono-jikan the Children’s Hour

  • Organization : Manami Hirokawa
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This staging of “The Children’s Hour” by Lillian Florence Hellman was created in a work-in-progress format, with the finished version created and staged after a reading performance. The theme of the work is that the inherent human trait of wanting to exclude others who we do not understand has not changed in the hundred or so years since the play was written.
A feature of the creative process was that each reading performance was followed by an exchange session in which the audience was asked for feedback and opinions, with the aim of establishing two-way communication and strengthening understanding between creators and audience.
In addition, from the perspective of wanting to create a production with a wide range of values and perspectives, participants were solicited from the public for a preview-style workshop production.
The opinions and performances of preview members proved highly useful in the creation of the finished version, and led to the development of a new “community” for participants.

Performed by
Asuka Katsuragawa
Aya Iwanaga 
Hayato Miyazaki
Sachiyo Tsujikawa
Masako Kamimura
Hanaka Kiki
Kaho Fujii
Nao Matsumoto
Yuuna Asano
Kanami Tamura
Aoi Fujita
Akane Miyazaki

Production staff
Directed by: Manami Hirokawa
Translated by: Mari Teshirogi
Rehearsal direction: Maki Maehara, others


Manami Hirokawa
Actor/director. As an actor she has appeared in “The Question of Faeries Deluxe Edition” by Satoko Ichihara, and “Marzo VR” by Tanino’s Secret Club (NIWA GEKIDAN PENINO). Hirokawa has worked with leading creators on the art scene.
Having started to have questions and concerns about the creative environment for small-theater plays, in 2023 she launched the creative group maars inc., for which this work is the first creation.


Reading Performance:Café MURIWUI, Setagaya City, Tokyo
Acting Performance(incl Acting Performance with Amateur): Shinjyuku Ophthalmologist, Shinjuku City, Tokyo