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Urara Sawai Koto Recital

  • Organization : Urara Sawai
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


The first koto recital by Sawai Soukyokuin assistant chairperson, Urara Sawai. The performers comprised organizer Urara Sawai and special guest Hikaru Sawai. The recital featured the Koto, the 17-string Koto, and the 25-string Koto, which allowed the audience to appreciate the individuality of the three types of instrument. Five pieces were performed in all: four solo performances centering around “Toshichi no ito 〜saigetsu~” by Junnosuke Yamamoto – the premiere of a work commissioned especially for this recital – and a 17-string Koto duet performance of “Meguri Meguru” by Tadao Sawai.

1.Toshi Ichiyanagi/“Fuyu no shozo for 17-string koto”
2.Hikaru Sawai/ “ASUKA”
3.Tadao Sawai/“Meguri Meguru”
4.Ryohei Hirose/ “Ukifune ‒minatagiru uji no kawabe ni ‒ for 25-string koto”
5.Junnosuke Yamamoto/ “Toshichi no ito 〜saigetsu~”


Urara Sawai
Graduated from the Music Course at Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music and a research program at the same college. While at college she studied 17-string Koto and 25-string Koto under Nidai Souju Nosaka, Michiko Takita, and Sousei Hanaoka. Sawai also studied Koto and 17-string Koto under Hikaru Sawai. In addition, she studied Shamisen under Hidetaro Honjo and Hidejiro Honjo. She currently studies 25-string Koto under Eri Nosaka.
Sawai is assistant chairperson of Sawai Sokyokuin, and a member of The Japan Sankyoku Association and Kiri no Hibiki.


Urara Sawai


Toyosu civic center hall, Koto City, Tokyo