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Tokiwazu Chizutayu Live vol.2

  • Organization : Tokiwazu Chizutayu
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Tokiwazu-bushi is a form of traditional Japanese music born and bred in Edo over 200 years ago. This performance brought together young performers from across different schools to take on the challenge of performing “Omitsu kyouran” and “Sekinoto” (“Tsumorukoi yuki no sekinoto”), two especially treasured, classic pieces which have been passed down in the Tokiwazu-bushi tradition. These works are not performed in Kabuki performances unless highly skilled performers are available, but for this concert they were tackled by young performers only.
Tokiwazu Chizutayu himself provided the commentary and then performed, creating a sense of unity with the audience, and the excited applause at the end of“Sekinoto” was different than previous concerts.
By giving out concert information on social media channels, organizers also appealed to a new audience interested in listening to Tokiwazu music.

Omitsu kyouran
Sekinoto (“Tsumorukoi yuki no sekinoto”)
Joruri: Tokiwazu Chizutayu, Tokiwazu Matsukidayu
Shamisen: Tokiwazu Toshi, Kishizawa Masashi


Tokiwazu Chizutayu Ⅰ
Born in 1981 in Tokyo, given his professional name in 1993. He has appeared in numerous kabuki performances and Japanese traditional dance performances, as well as on stage, television and radio. His grandfather, Tokiwazu Chitosedayu, was a towering figure of Tokiwazu-bushi in the Showa era.


Tokiwazu Chizutayu Ⅰ


AKO STUDIO, Shibuya City,Tokyo