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Hommage and Historie

  • Organization : Concert Plan Que sais-je?
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The purpose of this chamber music concert was to unravel how new pieces of contemporary music are created, with the theme of “hommage and historie”. For example, there are homage-like works that express respect for people and things, and elements of historie that ask themselves how they should express the magnificent forms and architectural beauty that have been nurtured in the past. The work that contains it receives two sensations that grasp both the existing knowledge of the audience and the new creation. Through the composition of the program and the composer’s commentary, we will create a program that will allow us to explore what is the essence of the originality that can be seen there. It was a fun and refreshing performance that allowed the audience to think with a refreshing feeling about the attitude of the composers who skillfully make use of their awareness of the products of the past and try to create a new worldview and their understanding of the works. rice field.

Vn. Mai Suzuki Pf. Kazuya Saito Pf. Akimi Fukuhara Perc. Mizuki Aita
Sax. Yo Matsushita (5/1 only) M.Sop. Kirala Ishida (5/2 only)
Tomoko Fukui Makoto Nomura Tomomi Adachi Mai Takano
Shion Sahara Tetsuo Kubo Nobuaki Sato Mizuki Aita
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Painting: Suzuka Shinomiya Video: Daichi Akiyama PA: Hideaki Isobe
Stage: Masamichi Kinoshita Cooperation: Masaki Iwamoto


Concert Plan Que sais-je?
Concert Plan Que sais-je? was launched in December 2020. With contemporary music at the center of the program, it is an organization that promotes concert planning that explores “new music, the road to it, and the road to the future” together with customers. Constituent members are composers and performers. Contemporary music, especially new works, are always premiered. Seeking encounters with unknown possibilities, seeking an interesting music space while being a friendly event. In addition, we will consider and practically explore the connection between music philosophy and human beings, society and welfare.


Shion Sahara
Concert Plan Que sesid-je?


Suginami Public Hall, Suginami City, Tokyo