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Duo NéMeu First Recital

  • Organization : Duo NéMeu
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Quelques lignes / Alexandros MARKEAS for tenor saxophone and piano (Japan premier)
Sombrer dans le mirage / Naoki SAKATA for alto saxophone and piano
Cinq miniatures / Ryo DAINOBU for tenor-soprano saxophone, viola and piano with Sengyun KIM (viola)
Jeux/Polychromie / Yuki NAKAHASHI for tenor saxophone and piano (world premier)
Melodia labile / Kenji SAKAI for soprano saxophone and piano
Vertical echo / Naoki SAKATA for tenor saxophone and piano

By Duo NéMeu : Miho KIYOKAWA (saxophone) and Nanami OKUDA(piano)


Duo NéMeu
Formed in 2021 by Miho Kiyokawa (saxophone) and Nanami Okuda (piano), who were enrolled in DAI of Paris National Conservatoire (CNSM). In 2022, passed the master’s course chamber music department of CNSM. So far, they have held concerts of classical music, contemporary music, and improvisation at museums, conservatories, music festivals etc. in and outside of Paris.

Both are enrolled in the Artist Diploma, which was newly established in 2022 in the 3rd at Paris National Conservatoire. Ensemble Next, which was formed in the same course, has premiered many new works and performed with contemporary music groups such as Ensemble Intercontemporin and Ensemble Court-Circuit. With a shared passion for contemporary music and chamber music, For this recital, Duo NéMeu has commissioned three works for tenor saxophone and piano for his first recital on August 21, 2023, under the theme of “highly reproducible new pieces” .




Koganei Miyajigakki Hall Small Hall. Koganei City, Tokyo