What we do

2023 City Dance Festival Washington DC

  • Organization : LOCUS
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


LOCUS is a dance project formed by Yu Suzuki and Kana Mori which featured in the City Dance Festival held in Washington D.C., USA.
LOCUS performed “ambivalence,” a physical expression of the process of increased “changeability” through interaction with others, in which conflicting emotions are always fluctuating and present side by side within us.
It was an international dance performance in which the participants, principally hailing from America but also including three artists from Asia, shared works reflecting their respective physical techniques and different perspectives.


Founded in July 2022 by Yu Suzuki and Kana Mori.
In May 2022, we performed “ambivalence” which we co-worked in 2021 at SAI Dance Festival and we were invited to City Dance Festival Washington D.C. hosted by Allen Chunhui Xing. We won the Choreography Award and Jury Award at that festival.


Kana Mori


Atlas Performing Arts Center,Washington DC,USA