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  • Organization : Akihiro Kato
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


Akihiro Kato exhibited “Kazokutchi,” his NFT robot-based digital artificial lifeform installation, at WRO Media Art Biennale, a large-scale media art exhibition held in Wroclaw, Poland. The work considers the implications of new technologies such as blockchain and NFT for society; for example, physical robot behavior is reflected in blockchain-based NFT actions, and the work is intersected with metaphors for elements of human society such as “house” and “family lineage.” During the exhibition, Kato exchanged ideas and opinions with European artists and curators, conducting in-depth and substantive discussions about the development of the work.


Akihiro Kato
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1992. He holds a master’s degree in Media Creation from the Department of Media Creation, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS). He creates works that depict the relationship between technology and society through a combination of digital/physical media. Works include “TRUSTLESS LIFE” and “BAIS,” which depict the possibilities and challenges of a society in which blockchain technology is applied through board games, and “WAN NYAN WARS,” a project that questions the value of NFTs by depicting the war between dog people and cat people.


Akihiro Kato


Geppart Gallery, Wrocław, Poland