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Some no Komichi 2023

  • Organization : Some no Komichi executive committee
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Some no komichi executive committee attempts to cheer up their town based on dyeing.Japanese dyeing skills were greatly developed within the culture during the Edo period. From the early Showa period to 1950’s, the basin of the Kanda River and the Myoshoji River was known as a focal point of dyeing business, filled with more than 300 dyeing small factories, comparable to that of Kyoto and Kanazawa. Even today in the area around Ochiai and Nakai near Shinjuku, a number of artisans and creators come and see each other to inherit or share the skills from their preceding generations and propose new dyeing techniques.


Some no Komichi executive committee
Established by a team of individuals determined to energize the Ochiai-Nakai area, this private organization now boasts a membership that includes dyeing-related business proprietors, shop owners, local residents, area university students, and more—all of volunteer their time and effort for no compensation whatsoever. Some no komichi employs a system that rotates leadership among dyeing community representatives, shop owners, and residents, ensuring that the organization maintains an optimal balance.


Ryutaro Kasai
Some no Komichi executive committee


Ochiai and Nakai area, Shinjuku-city, Tokyo