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Koto Civic Festival Folk Arts Festival

  • Organization : Koto Civic Festival Executive Committee
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


The Koto Festival, a collaborative effort uniting a wide array of public and private organizations, delivers fun for all ages. Featuring everything from presentations on organization activities to shops offering local products, the festival brings residents together for a celebration that not only energizes the community but also sparks connections between people of different generations. The Performing Folk Arts Festival, a feature event on the Koto Festival schedule, gives attendees a rare up-close look at unique hobbies, village pastimes, festival rites, and elements of traditional life that have endured the tests of time—and gives guests the chance to explore Koto City’s history, encounter the area’s cultural legacy, and develop a deeper sense of belonging to their home community.


Kiba Park. Koto City, Tokyo