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Climate Action Sumida ― Messages from the Riverside through Poetry and Images

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The project began with an online open call for “poems” that imagine and look ahead to the future in the face of climate and environmental changes. Meanwhile, In cooperation with the Design Research Institute of Chiba University (dri), 60 students in 10 groups proposed the arrangement and staging of a venue for poetry presentations.
The final event was held on October 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2023, near Koumebashi Pier in Sumida Ward. Incorporating one of the students’ proposals, a rubber lifeboat called “Floating Boat / Boat of Sorrow” was set up about 3 meters above the ground. The 26 submitted poems were presented through text, images, and recitations (recorded and live performances). As a conclusion to all the activities, a booklet titled “Poetry Collection + Project Report” was produced.


NPO Art & Society Research Center
Art & Society Research Center, a non-profit organization, believes art and cultural experiences could enrich today’s society. By researching and practicing diverse activities that cross a wide range of disciplines – social & urban planning, architecture, environmental design, etc. – we aim to strengthen the relation between arts & culture and society, contribute to cultural development in cities as well as communities, and enhance creative environment of the people.


Hiroko Shimizu
Vice Chairman
NPO Art & Society Research Center
Kandasudacho 2-4-702, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0041


Near the Koumebashi Pier Sumida, City, Tokyo