What we do

Achira-Kochira in Sento

  • Organization : Achira-Kochira
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


A site-specific musical performance in a Sento (public bathhouse). Five programs were created/performed inspired from various elements associated with public bathhouses, such as the echoes in the bath, “Kerorin-Oke (round plastic wash basin),” “Sansuke-san(bathhouse attendant) ,” and “Yu-joruri (Japanese traditional style song in the bath).”

1. “Bathhouse Preparations”
2. “Kerorin Ensemble”
3. “Musicians’ Preparations”
4. “Sansuke-san”
5. “Ofuro-de-utajiman”

Creation members are Ayaka Oyanagi (mezzo-soprano), Hidehiko Nishigaki (nagauta), Karen Kitazawa (violin), Shoko Mizuno (contrabass), Norika Suzuki (koto), Tomomi Kitajima (percussion), Michiru Nakamura (composition, keyboard harmonica), Suzuka Iwakami (visual design), Mina Shinohara (curation, produce).


An artist collective, mainly composed of classical musicians, that explores new possibilities of expression in an everyday space. We aim to collaborate with specialists in various fields and create new relationships with the audience by creating “cracks” in classical music. Since 2021, we have been conducting site-specific performances in everyday spaces such as old Japanese houses, warehouses, cafes, and public bathhouses. In August 2023, we participated in a residency program in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and we are expanding our activities.


Takara-yu, Adachi City, Tokyo
Denki-yu, Sumida City, Tokyo