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Akane Miyazaki Dance Performance “Identiti of Water’s edge”

  • Organization : Akane Miyazaki
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Dance


When it becomes an everyday thing for us to be hooked on smartphones that offer no real or personal experience, surely we lack a sense of concentration in the here and now. Miyazaki hopes to grasp the physical actuality of the body not as a linear outline but as a tangible token of life itself; ambiguous, yet like the water’s edge that exists for real.
To draw out the audience’s own imagination and physical sensations, Miyazaki suggests what is needed rather than a forceful performance is a gentle “confrontation” that springs from within, such as feeling the wind while contemplating a karesansui dry rock garden and giving full rein to your imagination.
This work aims to create a space where we can concentrate on the here and now through the flesh and blood of the body.

Choreography/Dance: Akane Miyazaki Recitation: Kana
Stage Director: Tomoya Kubota Stage Sound: Hikaru Nakamura
Stage Lighting: Akari Ebana Costume: Midori Hagino
Flyer Design: Ami Takada Stage Photo: Hiroyasu Daido


Akane Miyazaki
Born in Tokyo, graduated from J.F Oberlin University. Studied under Kuniko Kisanuki and Naoka Uemura. To date she has produced the longer works “Possibly,”X”,” “My Sea,” and “Marie.”
She explores the encounter with the “moment dance is born,” creating works that take their cue from faith-driven motifs and ritual physicality.
As a dancer she has appeared in works by Maki Morisita and Tomo Mizukoshi, among others.
A licensed Pilates instructor with a diploma from Australia, Miyazaki tackles a range of physicality.


Akane Miyazaki


Café MURIWUI , Setagaya City,Tokyo