What we do

TeXi’s “Silence in the dream”

  • Organization : TeXi’s
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


TeXi’s have refined both the script and direction of “Silence in the dream,”a work based on Junichiro Tanizaki’s “A Portrait of Shunkin” which was performed at the SENGAWA THEATER Competition in May 2023. It has been revamped as a piece allowing audience members to move around freely in a performance that takes place simultaneously in multiple galleries. This meant of course there were scenes that could or could not be seen depending on the audience’s choices; and the theater-going experience overlapped with the world that was visible/invisible to the characters Shunkin, Sasuke, and others around them.

Written and directed by: Ayano Tezuka (TeXi’s)
Based on: “A Portrait of Shunkin” by Junichiro Tanizaki
Performed by: Asahi Omata (Urbanyabanjin), Kanami, Kohei Tsuchiya (Kigeki no Heroine), Chiho Nakajima, Erika Noda (Ningen no Joken), Michi Furukawa (TeXi’s)

Production staff
Associate director: Sui Yashichi
Lighting: Toshiki Ogata (Kurozaru)
Sound: Shomi Sakurauchi (Ofuton), Issei Osaki (Kuniyoshigumi)
Stage manager: Sayo Sugiyama
Video: Yuki Matsuo (Toyama no Haruka, KPR/ Kaimaku Pennant Race)
Production: Haruka Kawano (Nuthmique)
Publicity art: Michi Furukawa (TeXi’s)


Led by Ayano Tezuka and formed in 2021 as a troupe that seamlessly creates theater, dance, fashion shows and more. Based on the theme of the complexity centered on victim/perpetrator relationships, the troupe aims to create “harsh but gentle” stage art that creates occasion to face up to ourselves even as we hurt. While drawing a line to ensure the safety of actors and audience, Tezuka’s style is characterized by her unique approach to physicality and space, racking up frustration through unending cycle and confrontation until catharsis is reached.




BUoY, Adachi City, Tokyo