What we do

Creation and publication of an archive of 'Experiences and engagements of sighted and visually impaired people in the appreciation of the arts'

  • Organization : Verbal Imaging Museum Tour with Visually Impaired People
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


1. Organising and publishing records of the organisation’s activities on the web
For about 12 years, the organization has provided opportunities for the visually impaired and sighted to appreciate art together at museums and schools throughout Japan (20 prefectures), and 2,920 people in Japan (including 476 visually impaired people) have participated in these events. The experience and knowledge of these activities were organized and published as a web-based archive site that can be shared widely in society.

2. Research and web publication of examples of art appreciation programs by the visually impaired
The participants of the art appreciation workshops programs by the groups were interview and their experiences of ‘seeing’ from their personal perspectives from different backgrounds were recorded.

3. Analysis and utilization of the archive
An online talk event was held with Ms. Mariko Suzumura, an educator at the Mie Prefectural Art Museum who has organized many exhibitions from an inclusive perspective, to discuss ‘people’s experiences and relationships in art appreciation’ by referring to the archive website. Discussions were held on inclusivity.


Verbal Imaging Museum Tour with Visually Impaired People
The ‘Verbal Imaging Museum Tour with Visually Impaired People’ (Totsukuru), which started its activities in 2012, is an organization that creates opportunities for people who can see, who cannot see and who have difficulty in seeing to get together in various places in society, discusses their experiences and creates opportunities for everyone to think about ‘seeing’ together.


Kenta Hayashi
Verbal Imaging Museum Tour with Visually Impaired People
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