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  • Organization : pepepe club
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


For this theatrical project, the group conducted interviews (“MATAMATA”) during residencies across Japan and created short theatrical performances (“TAMATAMA”). Its subsequent ““MATAMATA” and “TAMATAMA”” project at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre comprised the following:

1.A display of works by performance attendees, “Me and Us”
2.Post-performance talk incorporating other genres
3.Screening of video interviews conducted across Japan
4.“MATAMATA” at the theater (theater re-enaction of interviews conducted across Japan)
5.Staging of four types of performance created in different locations nationwide (“TAMATAMA in –”)

Written and directed by: Yamato Miyazawa
Performed by: Haruhi Ishizuka, Reina Sato, Miyuki Kumano, Katsuhiko Murata, ZR, Akane Miyazaki
Lighting and sound: studio hiari
Stage design: Mao Yuki
Musical composition: Retoromirai
Filming: Atsutomo Hino
Publicity art: Akane Hada
Editing of interview videos: Kenichi Suzuki
Post-performance talk guests: Hiromi Ito, Ryuhei Uemoto


pepepe club
pepepe club is a gathering of “Pe” folk striving to create new art for the Reiwa era. Centering on the three concepts of “Pe of Plaza,” “Pe of Live,” and “Pe of Playful,” the group focuses on the existence of both creators and audiences at the theater, creating works that take a fresh and critical look at the “see/be seen” relationship in existing theater.


pepepe club


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Atelier West, Toshima City, Tokyo