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SHIMI No.06 I Do! I Do!

  • Organization : SHIMI
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The 1960s broadway musical “I Do! I Do!” was staged in Japan in 2023. The theme of this work at the time of its premiere was “a celebration of marriage.” Nowadays however, forms of marriage and cohabitation have become more diverse. This time around, the production is based on the theme of “envisaging the other person next to you,” with SHIMI holding its first open audition, in order to “encounter the other person.”

There will be an artist talk after the performance run featuring FUKUMOTO Yoshino, who belongs to a student musical group, OHASHI Kanade, and KATSUTA Yasuhiko, who has a close relationship with the lyricist and composer of this work, and who is also a director and translator.

Performed by: HAGIWARA Miuko, KAWAMOTO Ayaka (double casting), ISA Ogi
Production staff
Translated and directed by: HAMAYOSHI Seitaro
Design collaboration/publicity art: Baek Choe Yun
Art production: HARA Momoka
Lighting/video: ISHINO Shinya
Lighting operator: MORITANI Nonoka
Costume: OSHIKAWA Ayano
Directorial assistants: Shioto, Hikari
Production: IKENOGAMI Satsuki
Production assistant: FUJII Norika


SHIMI is a theater troupe formed in 2021.
Its creative activities are based on the concept of “chewing” on plays from all times and places as nourishment for tomorrow like its namesake, the paper-eating insect, the shimi (silverfish).
Past productions include Nora, Ashes to Ashes, Salome, Autumn in Tyrol, The Human Voice, and La Marie Vison (Mink Marie).
The group got through the first judging round for performances at Japan’s biggest directorial competition, the Theater people Competition in 2022 (the performance was canceled in the final judging round).
As of 2024, it had passed the first round of the Sengawa Theater Drama Competition 2024.


Cafe & Diner Offza,Toshima City,Tokyo