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Enjoy the classics with Noh and Kodan! Kotonoha-Noh(Noh and Kodan Performance) Vol.2

  • Organization : Institute Ichinokai
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


In this performance at a Noh theater, seeing people, people who have trouble seeing and people unable to see can all enjoy the sound of classical language via Japan’s very own traditional performing art traditions, Noh and Kodan.
Visitors can explore the world of the famous work “Sumida River” depicting the grief of a mother who has lost her child, kidnapped by a slave trader, performed by Kanze style Noh performer Keigo Suzuki, and through storytelling by Kinkaku Takarai, a kodanshi (professional Kodan reciter).


Institute Ichinokai
From his position as a professional Noh performer, Ichinokai’s representative director Keigo Suzuki widely popularizes the traditional Japanese performing art of Noh, both in Japan and overseas, through Noh performances and events designed to promote and educate. The aim is to pass down Noh culture, and promote culture and academic study, education, welfare, and regional/community revitalization through Noh.


Institute Ichinokai


Yarai Noh Theater, Shinjuku City, Tokyo