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Children and Adults
Circulating learning project through Art and Culture

  • Organization : Kodomochounaikai Secretariat
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This project is a study group for adults called “Otonachounakai” that explores the educational and inclusive power of art and culture, with the goal of “nurturing children’s zest and space for living.”
Based at Shibuya Ward Childcare Neuvola “co Shibuya”, people with various backgrounds such as childcare/education, welfare/medical care, art/design, etc. create rich learning for children while facing questions from a variety of instructors. We engaged in repeated dialogue and collaboration to achieve this goal. As a result, we have developed three programs for “co Shibuya”, users: “Let’s touch it’, “ ”Give it a name”, and “Let’s create a story”.
Through the implementation of the program, we examined the essence and significance of learning while closely following the children’s activities, and shared this information at the implementation report meeting. The process of a project that connects adult learning to children’s learning has been compiled into “Recipes for Learning through Art and Culture.”
Lecturer: Aya Saito / Maki Onishi / Nozomi Okaniwa / Takashi Nakajima
Facilitator: Kaori Shikichi / Ritsuko Takahashi / Emiko Monden / Hiroshi Yamamura


Kodomochounaikai Secretariat
Kodomochounaikai means Children’s Design Community working for City and Citizens. We cultivate the educational and inclusive power of design and develop workshops and events that foster children’s zest for life and a place to live. In addition, we operate a community called “Otonachōnaikai,” where adults of diverse generations, positions, and backgrounds explore “learning” through art and culture, and collaborate and co-create. We aim to realize a society where the happiness of diverse individuals overlaps.


Kaori Shikichi
Kodomochounaikai Secretariat
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Shibuya Ward Childcare Neuvola “co Shibuya”, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Hamacho Laboratory, Chuo City, Tokyo
Town Children’s Garden Yoyogi Park, Shibuya City, Tokyo
SHIBAURA HOUSE, Minato City, Tokyo