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Film “Women in the Island (working title)”

  • Organization : Film “Women in the Island (working title)” production committee
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


[Project Background]
The starting point for this project was the strong desire of the director, Toru Takano, to make a film expressing the richness of the island that he experienced when he visited Izu Oshima in the summer of 2013. Before filming began, the production team made several visits to stay on Izu Oshima so that they could get to know the island and the people living there, while creating a film not constrained by conventional approaches to film-making.

A young man (aged 28) from Izu Oshima returns home to the island after 10 years away, so that he can help a friend with his work. He meets three women on the island and falls in love. One is his former high school sweetheart, while the others are university students visiting the island. He spends the summer at the mercy of cupid’s arrow.

Director & Scriptwriter: Toru Takano
Editor: Yosuke Hosomi
Manager: Mayuko Shinmura


[Toru Takano]
Born in 1988. Film director. Completed a postgraduate program at the Institute of Urban Innovation, Yokohama National University. His 2010 production “Dear Kumashiro” was shown to tremendous acclaim at film festivals both within Japan and overseas, including the Skip City International D-Cinema Festival and the Beijing Independent Film Festival. He has continued his tireless film production work since then. This is his first feature-length film.


Film “Women in the Island (working title)” production committee


Izu Oshima(Oshima Machi, Tokyo)