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Mizuki Aita percussion recital 2015

  • Organization : Executive Committee for Mizuki Aita percussion recital 2015
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Mizuki Aita, a percussionist, has worked with many generations of Japanese composers, always striving to cultivate the repertoire for percussion instruments. At this performance, he will introduce new music for percussion created by Joji Yuasa, Yasuo Sueyoshi, Shuko Mizuno, Masahiro Yamauchi, and Sunao Isaji. In addition, he will perform Yoshio Hachimura’s “Constellation” for the 30th year after his death, accompanied on piano by Yasuo Sueyoshi, to unfold a conversation that spans generations of music. In addition, he will re-perform works by Fumiko Kojiba and Naoshi Kukiyama, those commitioned by Aita , to look into the values and aesthetics of different generations, and to address through music how those of us living in modern times can engage with this age.


Mizuki Aita (Percussion)
Born in 1988 in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. He was inducted into the violin at a young age, but started playing percussion instruments at 12. He attended Musashino Music University, where he continued as a graduate student and completed his Master’s degree at a virtuoso course. He studied percussion and marimba under Sumire Yoshihara and Momoko Kamiya, and took second at “Kyo-Gaku Ⅸ” JSCM’s 9th Contemporary Music Performance Contest. Since then, he has debuted various composers’ works, and by December 2015 he’ll have 100 pieces to his name. In 2014 he appeared in NHK-FM’s “Recital Nova,” and released his first solo album, 《with…》under ALM RECORDS, Kojima Recordings. The album was recommended by Asahi Newspaper’s “for your collection” section and in the December Edition of Ongaku-no-Tomo magazine. He also won “Hisho (Flight)” prize in the music category of the 4th Setagaya Art Award, for his wide-ranging activities. He is continuing his activities in a variety of areas.


Mizuki Aita
Executive Committee for Mizuki Aita percussion recital 2015


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Recital Hall(Taito City, Tokyo)