What we do

Port Shibaura: Establishing and related events of a dance company

  • Organization : Kohkoku Seihan Inc.
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


We will form Port Shibaura, a contemporary dance company composed with a mix of professionals and dance enthusiasts, and organize related events. We will develop dance practices that are open to local community, while acquiring expertise and learning to criticize. The program run through out the year and focuses on three areas “Create /Observe / Dance”.

◎Create / Dance Project
We will incorporate workshop participants’ personalities and put the expertise knowledge into a practice by creating and performing a dance piece.
Audition Workshop: July 2015 to August 2015
Public Performance: February 2016

◎Observation Project
A series of omnibus performances by external dancers will be followed by group critique sessions. The program is designed for performer, audience and Port Shibaura to develop a critical eye for dance.
Criticizing Body: Late October 2015 to November (to be confirmed)


Daisuke Inoue Dancer / Choreographer

Inoue studied contemporary dance under Kuniko Kisanuki at Obirin university. After graduating the university, in 2007 and 2008, Inoue danced at Kagayaku Mirai Dance Company directed by Kim Ito. After leaving the company, he produced a series of three solo-dance works titled Hyaku-nen no Karada. This was then reworked into pieces for duo and trio, and refined his expression. From 2011-14, he co-founded 21st Century Geba Geba Dance Company and worked as the director. In addition to self-organizing events, he took part in numerous festivals such as Dance Triennale Tokyo 2012 and Dance Dive Week. He left the Geba Geba in 2015 and currently working as a solo artist. He is actively involved in various practices including dance piece productions, collaboration with other artists from other disciplines, participating in dance related programming in universities and public halls, as well as running of workshops and site-specific participatory projects. Recently he has received an honorable mention award from Yokohama Dance Collection EX2014 Competition I. The piece was produced in collaboration with Sang-Hun Lee, a Korean dancer, and received a good reception in Seoul, Hachinohe and Yokohama.


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