What we do


  • Organization : Kohgen
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


Kohgen, one of the world’s largest shrine and temple festivals, is an interactive event staged at places responsible for conveying Japanese culture, such as temples and shrines, where people can experience the traditional culture of Japan. About one hundred workshops are held, and although it is a large-scale event attended by around 5000 people, we provide experiences that will reach the hearts and minds of every single participant. Programs for larger numbers of people, such as talk shows, live music, and projection lighting, are also held. Among those is a performance of traditional Japanese music that transcends the boundaries of denomination and religion, and which can be seen nowhere else in the world, other than at Kohgen.


Kohgen’s planning is done with the help of a volunteer staff. Along with guidance for participants and reception duties on the days of the event, project planning, administration, office work, and accounting are among just a few of the various fields that are operated by the nearly 200 members of our volunteer staff that gathered through the event website and word of mouth. Both Kohgen’s main representative Gashin Tomomitsu (Tendai sect) and deputy representative Kakuho Aoe (Jodo Shinshu sect) are young Buddhist priests in their 30’s, but many other interested people have, regardless of differences in either denomination or religion, gathered together, and with each Kohgen event, the number of volunteers continues to increase.


Kakuho Aoe
Deputy Representative


Zojoji-temple(Minato City, Tokyo)