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The project to commemorate 50th Anniversary of Japan Federation of Musicians
” Musicians and Japanese composers Series "

  • Organization : Japan Federation of Musicians
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  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


The Japan Federation of Musicians has a membership of 3,400 classical musicians from throughout Japan. To commemorate the organization’s 50th anniversary, we are presenting a series of concerts with works by 30 Japanese composers who have guided this country’s music world from its early period to the present day. In focusing on the performance of works by outstanding Japanese composers, we aim to present concerts that follow the path taken by music in Japan and become a bridge to the future.

・The First Evening – 50th Anniversary of the Death of Kosaku Yamada and Kiyoshi Nobutoki: Two giants of Japanese music whose lives spanned the turbulent Meiji, Taisho and Showa Eras

・The Second Evening – The Day of Japanese Songs: Following the history of Japanese songs from Rentaro Taki to Hikaru Hayashi

・The Third Evening – The Day of Piano: 10 Selected Japanese Piano Works

・The Fourth Evening – The Day of Instruments: Re-experiencing the excitement of the premiere

・The Fifth Evening – The Day of Chorus: Outstanding selection of postwar choral songs

・The Final – The Day of Chamber Opera: The Noh play “Kurozuka” and the opera “A Story of Three Women” based on three Noh comedies: “Hanago,” “Suminuri” and “Higeyagura: – a collaborative work of opera and Noh comedy


The Japan Federation of Musicians was started in July 1965 by 879 classical musicians. Renowned musicians Motonari Iguchi, Kazuko Yasukawa and Kyoko Ito have served in succession as its chairperson. The organization carries out a wide range of activities to elevate the position of the music field, including development of young musicians, collection of data related to classical music, protection of neighboring rights, and expansion of national and regional government budgets for the arts and culture. In June 2015, cellist Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi became the federation’s new chairperson.


Japan Federation of Musicians
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Suntory Hall, Blue Rose(Small Hall)
(Minato City, Tokyo)