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Puk Puppet Theatre presents
European International Project

  • Organization : Puk Puppet Theatre
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


“Le Guarattelle di Pulcinella”: conceived, directed, designed and performed by Gianluca di Matteo
“GO!”: written, directed, designed and performed by Polina Borisova

Italy’s Pulcinella character is the forefather of European puppet theater. With this offering of back-to-back performances by Gianluca di Matteo, the foremost interpreter of the Pulcinella tradition, and Polina Borisova, an up-and-coming artist whose style goes beyond the existing framework of puppet theater, organizers hope to deepen the study of puppet theater, both traditional and contemporary.
There will also be educational lectures and workshops based on collaborations between leading international artists and universities, in an initiative designed to support and enrich the performers’ own research and educational research, and help secure new audiences.
As part of this event, Oshima island officials were desirous of arranging exchange between high school students from the island and artists from overseas. The belief is that international interaction involving young people will expand the island’s base for art creation, and generate an environment for art appreciation on a par with another Tokyo island Izu Oshima, which was devastated by fatal landslides in 2013.


Puk Puppet Theatre
Japan’s first permanent theater specializing in puppetry, Puk Puppet Theatre was founded in 1971 by Puppet Theater Puk to mark the troupe’s 40th anniversary. The troupe’s operation, planning and production has been based at the theater ever since.
While acting as Puk Puppet Theatre’s creative base, the theater is also used to promote the development of international puppet theater exchange. Puppet Theatre Puk works extensively on the preservation of other dedicated puppetry troupes, and traditional puppet theater. The puppet company also aims to create and disseminate contemporary puppet theater art in collaborations on all kinds of theatrical and cultural initiatives, both at home and abroad.


Haruhiko Ii
General Manager
Puppet Theatre PUK
2-12-3,Yoyogi,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 151-0053 Japan


Puk Puppet Theatre (Shibuya City, Tokyo), Oshima-cho Development Center (Oshima‐machi, Tokyo)