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3 city tour『Most fun a few hours in the life of the girl X』in Tokyo

  • Organization : Theatre Collective HANCHU-YUEI
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Luxurious, triumphant homecoming double feature tour.
[Girl X] was first was performed 1n 2013 in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok, and won the Best Play and Best Original Script at the Bangkok Theatre Festival 2014. Set in 2013 in Tokyo against a background where a serial child rapist and killer runs amok in the city, the play captures the modern feeling of tense ethereality and blessing through the characters of a woman who lives in a condo with her rich husband, her young daughter and poor younger brother, and her ex-boyfriend, who walks around pointing out “enemies.”

[Fun Times] was originally a sequel to [Girl X], a single-person installation-type play performed by author/actor Yamamoto, that envisioned what people in the future would consider fun times. This time, after two years, a completely new piece is born. Set at a strange wedding, a single actor tells a tale with complex words and relaxed movements. The now work is the final reckoning for HANCHU-YUEI, as they take a new step forward in art.


A theater group based in Tokyo since 2007. The group’s actors perform with projected words, pictures, colors, and lights and shadows, as well as gaining attention for their powerful scripts that shake the audience’s sense of ethics. In addition to Japan, they have co-produced and performed in Thailand, Malaysia, and India, and are currently expanding their playing field internationally. Their play, [Girl X], won Best Original Script and Best Play at the Bangkok Theatre Festival 2014, and [I haven’t been born, so I can’t die] was nominated for the 59th KishidaPrze for Drama.


Momo Sakamoto


Komaba Agora Theatre (Meguro City, Tokyo)