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  • Organization : OrganWorks
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This is a new work by OrganWorks, a dance company directed by Shintaro Hirahara. It deals with Japanese literature and art and explore the concept of “surface” in Japanese as its subject. Having the concept of surfaces exists in Japanese as its theme, this work uses materials from Japanese classical literature, Noh theater, and Gagaku:court music. Integrating artistic concepts provided by NY-based contemporary artist Midori Harima, this work expresses the identity of the Japanese aesthetic sense that is revealed by a comparison of classical and contemporary aesthetics.


[Shintaro Hirahara]

Since launching his career as a freelance dancer and choreographer in 2007, he has created and performed many dance works, as well as staging numerous performances.
In addition to his solo activities, he has performed with dance companies including Condors, C/Ompany, and Shun project, as well as staging works for Theater Ikiume and Kentaro Kobayashi, providing choreography, and appearing in one of Miu Sakamoto’s music videos. He is a close friend of Spain-based choreographer Carmen Werner, inviting her to give performances in Japan.
2011 Received the KIMDC Best Choreography Award
2013 Trainee on the Agency for Cultural Affairs Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists (Spain)
2015 Awarded the Otaru City Culture Encouragement Prize


Lena Hashimoto
Production Manager
E-mail: info◆theorganworks.com
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Theater Tram(Setagaya City, Tokyo)