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Tohoku Rokkonsai Parade

A parade symbolizing the repose of souls and renaissance of the Tohoku region formed by six great festivals of Tohoku

  • Japanese Traditional Art

Joining the strengths of the six cities and six prefectures of Tohoku to light a beacon for the “repose of souls and renaissance” , six festivals that are the pride of Tohoku were gathered together and the Tohoku Rokkon Festival was born. Beginning in Sendai City in 2011, the festival was then held in Morioka City in 2012, Fukushima City in 2013, Yamagata City in 2014, and Akita City in 2015. The festival grew with each passing year, and the sight of the Tohoku people dancing with all their hearts together with cheering festival crowds was an image conveyed not only throughout Japan, but to the world. Completing its circuit of six cities, the Tohoku Rokkonsai Festival was held at the final event destination of Aomori City in June this year. With a rekindled spirit, festival members will again gather at the Kanni-dori Avenue/Shintora-dori Avenue from Shinbashi to Toranomon on November 20.They do this as a means to once again advance the progress of the path to renaissance, allowing Tohoku to spring strongly forth into the future.With sincere gratitude for all of the support up to now, and carrying the eternal souls of the Tohoku people, the Tohoku Rokkon Festival Parade will be held at the TOKYO SHINTORA MATSURI.

Participating groups

Aomori Nebuta Festival
Approx. 100 participants (haulers, musicians, and dancers)
Aomori Nebuta Festival is said to be the prototype for the Tanabata floating lantern festivals. The spectacular lantern floats are paraded while musicians and dancers blend together, inspiring the spirit of Toranomon in fall.

Akita Kanto Festival
Approx. 50 participants (carriers and dancers)
To stave off sickness and evil spirits, the Kanto lantern festival has a long history as a means of banishing sleep demons.The image of these heroic men manipulating huge 50kg 12-meter high Kanto lanterns is a must-see.

Morioka Sansa Odori Festival
Approx. 40 participants (dancers, drummers, flute players, and singers)
The Dance is derived from a local legend of how people scared off particularly evil demons and sang “Sansa, Sansa” as they danced and rejoiced. The stirring taiko drum and the brilliant group dancing are a sight to behold.

Yamagata Hanagasa Matsuri (Flower Hat Dance Festival)
Approx. 30 participants (dancers and drummers)
While shouting “Yassho, Makasho” the high spirited dancers in their glamorous costumes are captivating with their brilliant group dancing. The vision of undulating waves of bamboo hats decorated with safflowers makes this festival truly beautiful.

Sendai Tanabata Festival (Parade: Sendai Suzume Odori)
Approx. 40 participants (dancers, drummers, flute players, gong players)
This Tanabata festival has continued since its inception in the era of Masamune Date (1567-1636) Attracting over two million tourists every year, the entire city of Sendai is decorated with beautiful Tanabata ornaments. The parade features the Sendai Suzume Odori. This beautiful dance is performed while holding a fan in each hand.

Fukushima Waraji Matsuri (Straw Sandal Festival)
Approx. 40 participants (bearers, drummers)
As a means of promoting healthy walking from ancient times, this festival is held in honor of the large straw sandal that is dedicated to the local Haguro shrine. The straw sandal of 12 meters in length and 2 tons in weight is the largest straw sandal in Japan.
*A middle-sized straw sandal of 7 meters in length will be used in this parade.


*Applications to view the parade must be received in advance.


Details for applying via WEB
From the official website, submit your application by entering the required information in the “Application Form” on the Tohoku Rokkon Festival Parade page.
*Once your application is received, a confirmation email will be sent to you automatically.

Application deadline
Friday, October 21 2016 by 23:59
Sunday, October 30 2016 by 23:59

Details for applying via postcard
Please send your application after entering the required details on a postcard.
(1) Name
(2) Address and Postcode
(3) Age
(4) Sex 
(5) Preferred viewing time (please specify either the first or second parade)
(6) Companion(s) Yes/No (*Only one companion permitted.)
(7) Any further details (please indicate if you will be accessing the venue using a wheelchair), please post the application.

【Postal address】
TOKYO SHINTORA MATSURI Tohoku Rokkonsai Parade Application Office
PO Box 25, Nihonbashi Post Office, Japan Post 103-8691

Application deadline
Postmarked by Friday, October 21 2016
Postmarked by Sunday, October 30 2016


Tokyo Shintora Matsuri Executive Office
TEL: 03-5771-9686 (Weekday 11:00-17:00)


Kanni-Dori Avenue / Shintora-Dori Avenue (Between Atagoshita St. and Hibiya St.)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), TOKYO SHINTORA MATSURI Executive Committee (Shintora-dori Avenue Area Management Association / Quaras Inc.)
Subsidized by
Sponsored by
Shintora-dori Avenue Area Management Council
Special Cooperation
Tokyo 23 Ward All Nippon Collaboration Project (Tokyo 23 Ward・Metropolitan Tokyo mayors' Council)
Tohoku Rokkon Festival Committee, Minato Ward