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The TOKYO SHINTORA MATSURI will present numerous programs under the joint themes “Tohoku x Tokyo” and “Tradition x Innovation.” In particular, it will celebrate the Tohoku region, which has made great efforts to recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake. On November 20, the Tohoku Rokkonsai Parade, organized in cooperation with the Tohoku Rokkonsai Committee, will present distinctive features of festivals held in six cities of Tohoku. The Tohoku x Tokyo FESTA will showcase exhibitions of traditional art from Tokyo, festival ornaments from Tohoku, information about sightseeing attractions, and representative cuisine from both Tohoku and Tokyo on November 19 and 20. Additionally, the Japanese Culture Future Forum will present a panel discussion about Japanese gaming, anime and music on November20.


Shimbashi–Toranomon district


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), TOKYO SHINTORA MATSURI Executive Committee

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