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Public Performance

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  • Kids / Youth

After completing their training with leading performing artists, children will present a real performance. Authentic professional performances by instructors will also be featured
In “Traditional Performing Arts for Kids,” children learn about traditional culture by experiencing the real thing. About 300 children have trained in Japanese cultural arts over several months, and they will present the results of their work in authentic productions on stages where tradition lives and breathes.
With the children’s serious attitudes, the powerful professional performances and the accessible commentary, the public performances have received praise such as “It was great fun and I learned a lot!” We hope to see you there!


(1) Noh
Date and Time: Monday, March 20 2017, 13:00-17:00(Open 12:30)
Venue: Hosho Nohgakudo
Capacity: 100

(2) Nagauta/Sankyoku/Nihon Buyo 1st Session
Date and Time: Thursday, March 30 2017, 11:00-13:30(Open 10:30)
Venue: National Theatre (Large Theatre)
Capacity: 300

(3) Nagauta/Sankyoku/Nihon Buyo 2nd Session
Date and Time: Thursday, March 30 2017, 15:00-17:30(Open 14:30)
Venue: National Theatre (Large Theatre)
Capacity: 300


*Advance reservation required
*Preschool-age children are admitted. However, exiting may be requested if there is a disturbance.
*Entering/leaving the venue during the event is permitted.

How to reserve

Please provide the information for each item below, and send it by e-mail or fax to the “Traditional Performing Arts for Kids” office (
1. Your name
2. Phone number
3. E-mail address or fax number
4. Name and number of the performance you would like to attend
(1) Noh
(2) Nagauta/Sankyoku/Nihon buyo Part 1
(3) Nagauta/Sankyoku/Nihon buyo Part 2
5. Total number of persons who wish to attend

Friday, February 24 2017

*Applying for more than one venue is permitted. For (2) and (3), admission is for one performance only. Applying for both performances is permitted.
* A drawing will be held if the number of applicants exceeds the number of available seats.
*Notifications will be sent to all applicants around Tuesday, March 7, by e-mail or fax (according to how the application was received).
*The application deadline may be extended if seats are still available. Please inquire as to availability.
*Performance times, programs, performers, etc. are subject to change.


Traditional Performing Arts for Kids Office in Japan Council of Performers’ Organizations (Geidankyo)
TEL: 03-5909-3060 (weekdays 10:00 – 18:00)


Monday, March 20: Hosho Nohgakudo
Thursday, March 30: National Theatre (Large Theatre)



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations (Geidankyo)