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Call for TURN Fes Supporters

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TURN Fes will be held over the course of three days at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from March 3 – 5.
TURN Fes will feature exhibits, performances and “exchange” among people resulting from time accumulated under the nationwide Interactive Program*. Participants together with the participating artists and facilities where exchange takes place create an experience of diverse interaction unique to the TURN project.
TURN Fes is moreover a forum for artists and people from various backgrounds to meet and share new experiences, where everyone can find their inner creativity and people can be together in an atmosphere of mutual acceptance. TURN Fes Supporters are the ones responsible for creating this environment.

*The core TURN program, in which artists visit different locations that cater to specific communities such as welfare facilities and educational support centers, and interact with staff, the people who use them, and their families. This fiscal year, seventeen groups of artists will encounter daily life in various facilities and communities, and forge relationships with each person there.

For details on participating artists and partner facilities/communities for the Interactive Program this fiscal year, please see here.

What do TURN Fes supporters do?
Supporters lend a helping hand so that attendees can enjoy the Fes over the course of the event. They help set up a variety of programs for the enjoyment of participants of many different backgrounds, including those who require special assistance. Supporters also help prepare spaces people can use to freely interact with the works, take part in workshops, converse with others, or just lie around. We’re looking for supporters who have the kind of consideration it takes to create this type of relaxed environment!
Prior to the Fes, we will be holding an orientation for supporters to get to know each other better and learn how to assist attendees.

*Stay tuned for more details on the TURN Fes, to be posted on this website later.

This supporter role is ideal for:

  • People interested in the TURN concept and who share the same views
  • People interested in helping orchestrate art projects
  • People who want to help set up exhibits
  • People who want to communicate with artists
  • People interested in welfare
  • People who want to be more active in society

Comments from last year’s TURN Fes Supporters

What sort of people take part?
A wide range of people — company employees and university students, homemakers and senior citizens — took part.

What does the work involve exactly?
As well as the setting up of venues and preparation of material for distribution, supporters are involved in the reception of visitors, venue guidance, helping people who require assistance, operational support for interactive programs, supporting and enhancing visitor experience of the works, etc.

What was the purpose of your participation as a supporter? (from survey replies)

  • To learn about different values, and because I thought it might be a chance to take action of some sort.
  • I like taking part in art events.
  • I wanted to experience a world I know nothing about, so I could broaden my thinking.
  • I wanted to get involved in an art project on the ground.
  • I was interested in the aims of the TURN project.

What encounters did you have participating in TURN as a supporter? (from survey replies)

  • Coming across the words “Living means expressing” had a big impact on me. And meeting people I volunteered with of course, which was novel because of all our different ages and occupations.
  • I realized that you can bond with people through art even if your backgrounds are completely different.
  • The unexpected number of people interested in the subject matter of TURN.
  • Issues concerning society and local communities. Also the questions and realizations that came about from asking myself about these issues. New relationships with the artists involved.
  • I was happy to meet volunteers and visitors. It broadened my mind.

You can see the footage from last year’s TURN Fes here.


Description of Duties
TURN Fes pre-event preparation and event day operation (preparation, reception, operation of interactive works, guidance, etc.)
Activity period
Friday, March 4 – Sunday, March 6
Activity hours
9:00-18:00 (shift duty)
Activity base
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (8-36 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo)


  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old (high school students not permitted).
  • Volunteers must be able to participate in the orientation on Sunday, February 19, from 10:00–12:00 at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Art Study Room.
  • Volunteers must be able to have internet connection or use e-mails.
  • Remuneration: None (Travel expenses will not be reimbursed). The organizers will cover the costs of volunteer insurance.
  • People able to communicate in Japanese.
  • Supporters must be able to volunteer for at least two of the below shifts.
    Thursday, March 2 (1)13:00-17:00
    Friday, March 3 (2)9:00-14:00, (3)13:00-18:00
    Saturday, March 4 (4)9:00-14:00, (5)13:00-18:00
    Sunday, March 5 (6)9:00-14:00, (7)13:00-18:00

How to apply / Schedule

How to apply
Use this form to register.
Friday, February 10 2017, 18:00
*We will notify all applicants whether or not they can participate and let them know the schedule by Wednesday, February 15.
*Applicants will not be screened, but if more people apply than are needed, priority will be given to those who can participate the most number of days.


Nonprofit organization Art’s Embrace


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Nonprofit organization Art's Embrace