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Tokyo Artpoint Project : Kick Off Meeting

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A Kick Off Meeting to mark the start of the Tokyo Artpoint Project for 2013. The meeting, marking the fifth year of the Artpoint Project, will focus on its art program and the Tokyo Art Research Lab (TARL). The second part of meeting will feature a presentation by co-sponsors of art programs with the Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office. The objective, and some of the salient points, of this year’s program will be announced. This event will appeal to those with an interest in such things as the Tokyo Artpoint Project and TARL.


14:00 – 14:30 The 2013 Tokyo Artpoint Project

(1) Tokyo Artpoint Project outline
Tsukasa Mori, Director, Tokyo Artpoint Project
(2) Tokyo Art Research Lab
Risei Sato, Program Officer, Tokyo Artpoint Project
(3) TARL Executive Office introduction
Makoto Hashimoto, Coordinator, Operations Office

14:30 – 16:00 2013 Art Program Presentations

(1) Bokuto Machimise Art Platform
Erika Yonezawa (Executive Officer) Association of Mukojima Studies
(2) Koganei Artfull Action!
Miho Miyashita, Executive Director, Koganei Artfull Action!
(3) Artists in Jidokan
Takashi Usui, Program Director, Artists in Jidokan
(4) Tadashi Kawamata: Tokyo in Progress
Nochi Masataka, Program Coordinator, Center for Interlocal Art
Network (CIAN)
(5) Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju — Connecting through Sound Art
Chisato Kamiya, Executive Director, NPO Yarune
(6) Kaku Nagashima’s “How-To-Make” Laboratory Someone’s Dream
Kaku Nagashima, Executive Director, Mixed Media Product (mmp)
(7) GuruGuru Ya→Mi→ Project
Kentaro Onishi, Program Director, Yanaka no Okatte
(8) Tokyo Jiten
Mayumi Mita, Program Officer, Tokyo Artpoint Project
(9) Miyakejima University
Takeshi Yoshida (Executive Officer), Miyakejima University Project
Executive Committee
Nozomu Ogawa, Chief Director, Ongoing


Tokyo Culture Creation Project Room 302