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Training Program I: Introduction to Law and Rights in Creative Activity
Freedom of Expression, Intellectual Property, Employment, Contracts, Management, Accounting

  • Visual Art / Media Art ,
  • Art Project ,
  • Lecture / Symposium

A series of lectures for those new to legal concepts on specialized expertise and its application to “law” as it affects those working in the arena of artistic activity. Through five basic lectures and one workshop, participants will cover a wide range of content and its practical ramifications.
In the workshop, participants will apply what they have covered in the lectures. From their own work experience they will go further into the subject, and discuss legal issues related to their activities with specialists.
* A winter term is also planned covering the same material

Tomoki Sakuta (Representative Director, Arts and Law; Part-time lecturer in law, Musashino Art University)

Jun Fujimori (Director, Arts and Law; Lawyer)

Various Arts and Law Program Consultants (All with legal qualifications)

* For further information and applications, see the website


Tokyo Culture Creation Project Room 302