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Tokyo Caravan in Toyota pre-event : Call for performers

Seeking performers to participate in “Tokyo Caravan in Toyota” pre-event!

Based on the idea that interaction between people leads to creation of culture, “Tokyo Caravan” supervisor Hideki Noda is calling on a diverse and borderless array of artists to help produce a performance that integrates completely new forms of expression engendered by the cultural “inter-mixture” of creative people who, as a rule, never come into contact with each other. Since 2015, the “Tokyo Caravan” cultural movement has continued to evolve as a unique “cultural circus” not found anywhere else, presenting performances all over Japan and also in Brazil.

In the project’s fourth year and with regions all over Japan anxious to host “Tokyo Caravan”, a pre-event has been decided in March 2018 for Toyota city in Aichi Prefecture, one of the candidate regions for holding the event. Choreographer/dancer Ryohei Kondo will be reforming the group of participating artists he put together for “Tokyo Caravan in Kumamoto” in 2017, who will then connect with local Toyota artists and residents. Kondo was the leading artist of “Tokyo Caravan in Kumamoto” and made a great success of the event, involving a wealth of Kumamoto artists and audiences.

Organizers are now looking for performers to take part in workshops for “Tokyo Caravan in Toyota” pre-event and then stoke up some excitement there.
Any genre and status (professional or amateur) is welcome. If you can help create a new form of expression through Tokyo Caravan, if there is a type of artistic expression with your name on it, if you want to play, sing or dance, we’d love you to join us for some fun in “Team Tokyo Caravan”.
We look forward to hearing from you all.

Tokyo Caravan in Toyota pre-event outline
Date / Time: Sunday, March 18 2018, 10:00-15:00
Venue: Pedestrian Deck public space, Toyotashi Station west exit
Admission: Free
*Advance reservations not required. Free entry.


・People able to perform (in any creative genre, professional or amateur)
・People able to participate on both days (Saturday, March 17 and Sunday, March 18 , 2018).
・People able to communicate in Japanese.
*A rehearsal is planned for the 17th.

How to apply

Please apply by e-mail to, including your name, the number of participants, your creative genre and your telephone number.

*Your personal information will only be used to manage this event and to send you information from the organizer about this event.

Application period

Monday, January 22 – Friday, March 2 2018 17:00


Project Coordination Division, Arts Council Tokyo,
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture


Pedestrian Deck public space, Toyotashi Station west exit and others



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Toyota City
Cooperated by
Toyota City Cultural Promotion Foundation