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Riverside Tour

Wanted: monitors to patrol the Shioiri Tower, Tsukuda Terrace, and the Toyosu Dome!

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“Tokyo in Progress” is an artist’s project under which three observation points, the Shioiri Tower (2010), the Tsukuda Terrace (2011), and the Toyosu Dome (2012) have been constructed along Tokyo riverbanks.
This year, 2013, will see a “monitor tour” of these three points, accompanied by three groups of guest artists.
Inspired by observations from these three points, the artistic results of which are to be unveiled in the Tokyo in Progress Closing Event on Sunday, Oct. 27. The observation points themselves will remain open until Nov 4.
Don’t miss this chance to join in and monitor “Tokyo in Progress”!

Guest Artists

Yukina Sakai (July 28 only)
Yu Sato (Oct. 5 only)

Shioiri Tower – Tsukuda Terrace – Toyosu Dome
*Artists will give performances and workshops at each location.
*The tour will proceed mainly by bus.
*Listed times may vary due to traffic and other conditions.

Participation Fee

Register online,


General incorporated association CIAN
Tel: 090-6149-0399


Sumida River Area Start: Shioiri Tower, Shioiri Park, 8 Minami-Senju, Arakawa Ward, beside Suijin Bridge Finish: Toyosu Dome, Harumibashi Park, 2-3 Toyosu, Koto Ward