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TURN Fes 4

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Meet artists at TURN!
Pijoppijoppi (Ordinary-extraordinary)

TURN Fes 4 will be held over three days from Friday, August 17 — Sunday, August 19, 2018 at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno. The theme of this the fourth TURN Fes is “Pijoppijoppi (Ordinary extraordinary),” a word coined by TURN supervisor Katsuhiko Hibino. This event teaches participants about the “differences” generated by encounters with each person’s differing experience of “ordinary,” and creates a framework for people to enjoy these differences.

As well as the artists, facilities and communities taking part in the TURN project, an array of guests who responded to our call will bring the festival alive with exhibitions, performances,workshops, talks and tours.

Think about what it’s like,
if experience and knowledge are sometimes obstacles.
Even if I and other people face the same thing,
My experience is not the same as their experience.

My ordinary is your extraordinary. Your ordinary is my extraordinary.
What’s ordinary-extraordinary is that these are always found together.

Katsuhiko Hibino


*sign language and speech-to-text support available


We have planned a diverse program that includes tours, talks and workshops. Feel free to come along!

Exhibitions / Workshops / Performances

  • Exhibition of works by Katsuhiko Hibino from his short-stay welfare facility placement
  • Ichirota Suzuki on “Support, Art, and the Individual” with reference to transference/countertransference
  • Fukuroda Hospital’s psychiatric care and art initiatives
  • Welfare facility initiative TURN LAND at Mizunoki Museum of Art
  • Tengyo Kura’s encounters with welfare facilities in Africa
  • Katsuya Ise’s “Symbiotic Studio”
  • Alejandra Mizrahi and Henry Ortiz Tapia TURN in Tokyo
  • Appreciating Asao Tokolo’s design
  • Daisuke Nagaoka and Daizo Yamasaki’s bamboo Spherical House
  • Tohru Nakazaki’s Kopperland made of wood ends
  • Human Sushi by Satsuki Imai
  • Music workshop with Manami Kakudo
  • Song by Emi Tomizuka, Marie, Asuka Shimada: Pijoppijoppiaah
  • Kentaro Onishi and Ryuichi Ono’s triumphant Ecuador performance
  • Kaiji Moriyama dances, Ryohei Tomita shoots videos at facility interaction
  • Artist Naoko Tamura will tell us about the world of French psychiatric hospital, La Borde.
  • Workshop on infants with Daisuke Yamashiro
  • Poems by Kanayo Ueda on the charm of a welfare facility
  • Yasuaki Igarashi’s journey
  • ORIKATA with Tomoko Iwata

and more

Talks / Tours
We will conduct a number of tours, including a program of tours around Fes with participating artists and “art communicators” from “Tobira Project” (an initiative by Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Tokyo University of the Arts). Visitors will find a variety of ways to enjoy Fes.

Over the three days, we will hold over 20 talks on welfare facilities, psychiatric hospitals, regional communities, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) etc. and their relationships to art.

In addition numerous artists are scheduled to take part, with a variety of different programs planned.
*Performers and program subject to change without notice.


TURN Operation Headquarters
TEL:03-3824-9039 (Excluding weekends and holidays)
*During TURN Fes 4: 080-9081-0171(Aug.17: 9:30-21:00 / Aug.18 and 19: 9:30-17:30)


LBF Citizen’s Gallery 1 and 2, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
(8-36 Ueno-Park Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0007)



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), the nonprofit organization Art's Embrace, Tokyo University of the Arts