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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Professional Human Resource Development Training (Lecture series): Theater coordinator development course, theater tour

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Presenting a new course, the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre’s “Theater coordinator development course”

As part of its professional human resource training, the aim of the “Theater coordinator development course” is to develop professionals who can contribute to arts-and-culture-driven creation of community and society, by making the theater accessible to society at large.

Participants who complete the course will also have the chance to coordinate their own project at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Take this opportunity and apply soon!

What is a theater coordinator?
The name “theater coordinator” conjures an image of the people who stand between theaters and society, planning, fine-tuning and delivering projects/ events designed to connect the two. We’re looking for professionals who can utilize a combination of the following qualities:

  • Planners to develop programs
  • Educators with an educational perspective
  • Operations managers
  • Dramaturgs with a cross-sectional approach to looking at plans, ideas and stories, and applying ingenuity to them
  • Facilitators working as tour guides
  • Concierges well-versed in customer service

Lecture schedule

1st Monday, December 3 18:30 — 21:30
Learning about the history of Tokyo Metropolitan Theater
2nd Monday, December 10 16:00 — 17:30
Walking the theater 1
3rd Wednesday December 12, 18:30 — 21:30 ★
Finding the characteristics of the theater
4th Monday, January 7, 2019 18:30 — 21:30 ★
Creating a theater tour 1
5th Monday (public holiday), January 14 18:30 — 21:30
Walking the theater 2 / Q&A
6th Thursday, January 17 11:00— 14:00
Experiencing the concert hall
7th Monday, January 28 18:30 — 21:30 ★
Creating a theater tour 2
8th Wednesday, February 6 18:30 — 21:30
Theater tour: simulation
9th Monday, February 18 (time TBD)
Theater tour: practices
10th Tuesday, February 26 18:30 — 21:30 ★

*Lectures marked with ★ may also be taken via video recording


Shintaryo Tawata (theater director, drama researcher, stage manager, research associate at Department of Performing Arts, College of Art, Tamagawa University)


Hiroshi Takahagi (Deputy Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)
Takahagi will tell us about the history of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre and the performances he has been involved with, as well as some anecdotes and stories about them.
Junko Suzuki (manager of project planning section at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)
Suzuki will talk about the characteristics of the hall and the appeal of the pipe organ, from the perspective of her work as concert hall general manager.
Hisayoshi Shirakami (stage management supervisor)
Koichi Ishimaru (stage management leader)
Our guest lecturers will speak about the features of the theater, and its appeal from their perspective as theater technicians.

Participation fee



About 15
*In the case of over-subscription, places will be chosen according to application contents.


  • People aged over 18 (excluding high school students) with conversational Japanese
  • People interested in the theater, performing arts or community art, who are enthusiastic learners and motivated workers
  • People who have practical experience in any of the qualities required above in “What is a theater coordinator?”
  • People able in principle to attend all ten training sessions (including sessions taken via video recording)
  • People able to send and receive e-mail

How to apply

Please send an e-mail with the subject line “Application for Participation in Theater Coordinator Development Course” to, including the following:

1. Your name
2. Affiliation (if any)
3. Gender
4. Age
5. E-mail address
6. Your contact telephone number on the day
7. Whether you will be absent for some sessions (please write the date(s) where relevant)
8. Reason for applying (any style, A4 size, about 400 characters )

*Application is complete upon receipt of a reply (participants may be decided by selection in the case of over-subscription).
*Please set your devices to allow messages from the e-mail address above.
*Personal information in your application will only be used to send you information about this lecture series.

Application deadline
Sunday, November 25 2018


Human Resource Development Section, Program Planning Division
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre



Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Supported by
Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Arts Council