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Seeking performers for “Canon ,” written by Hideki Noda and directed by Kinuyo Nogami

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Seeking performers for March 2020 staging of “Canon” written by Hideki Noda and directed by Kinuyo Nogami.

When I saw “Canon” directed by Kinuyo Nogami five years ago, I was astonished by the clarity of her directing. I thought then that we could polish it even more if we restaged it, and we’ve finally done just that. I’m hoping the new cast will be a good match.
(May 29, 2019)
Hideki Noda, Artistic Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

I first directed “Canon” five years ago. We staged this project, in which most cast members are students, as the only conceivable play for young performers in the current period; now it’s seeing a return to the stage. The name of the era is now Reiwa, and in this “efficiency-oriented” age there is so much of what I call useless theater, created by people getting together somewhere. And for whom is this efficient? What on earth is this era we’re living in?
With some trepidation we revisit “Canon” – not limited to students this time – and are looking for actors who see hope in this uselessness. We look forward to your support.
(May 16, 2019)
Kinuyo Nogami

Taro, a guard at the jail on district officer Tempura’s estate, is infatuated with Shakin, the imprisoned head of a group of bandits, and helps her escape. Taro uncovers the whereabouts of the bandits’hideout, goes there and forms a relationship with Shakin. Taro’s brother Jiro also joins the bandits, and together with the rest plans an historic theft….

Available roles

Taro: Guard at the jail on the estate of district officer Tempura. Infatuated with Shakin, the imprisoned head of a group of bandits. Helps her escape but infiltrates her bandit group as a spy on the orders of district officer Tempura.
Shakin : Head of the bandits
District officer Tempura: Powerful local ruler with a prison in the grounds of his residence. Owner of a huge and important painting.
Jiro: Taro’s younger brother, who joins the bandit group
Neko (cat): Pregnant member of the bandit group
Heiroku Tachino : Bandit
Priest Juro : Bandit
Old lady Inokuma: Bandit, Shakin’s mother
Old man Inokuma: Bandit, Shakin’s stepfather
Ebinosuke:In the service of district officer Tempura
Samurai (retainer)/Ikazo, others: Guards
Takokichi/Anagoro, others: Taro’s former colleagues
Samurai (retainer)/Hakkaisan: Sake seller
Woman/Otoshi, others: Hakkaisan’s wife
Woman/Insurance lady

Audition day/venue

To take place over one day somewhere in Tokyo, between Tuesday, July 9 and Thursday, July 11, 2019.
*We may also need to see the final candidates on Friday, July 26.

How to apply

Download the entry sheet below, or pick one up from the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre box office.
Entry sheet (WordPDF)

Fill out the required items on the entry sheet and mail to the following address, or convert to PDF file format and send to the following e-mail address:

Mail address: Kanon audition / person in charge, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, 1-8-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo 171-0021
Subject line should read: “(Entrant name) Kanon performance application”

*Applicants should look over the entire play for the application process. The play can be found in “The 20th-Century’s Last Drama Collection” by Hideki Noda (Shinchosha).
*Personal information received at the time of application will not be used for anything other than this project.
*Application details may change.

Application deadline
Applications must arrive before Wednesday, June 26, 2019
*Applicants will be contacted by email by Wednesday, July 3 regarding results of the screening of applications and the audition schedule.

Kanon audition / person in charge, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
1-8-1 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo 171-0021
TEL: 03-5391-2115 (Weekdays, 10:00-16:00)



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)