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Tokyo Caravan in Saitama

【Event Cancellation Announcement】
We regret to announce that the event “Tokyo Caravan in Saitama,” scheduled on Sunday, October 13, 2019, has been cancelled due to approaching typhoon.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding.

Saitama’s vibrant culture meets artists from Tokyo to expand the possibilities for new performance

Spearheaded by playwright director and actor Hideki Noda, the Tokyo Caravan roving cultural movement has continued to develop performances based on new and unique forms of expression. A diverse array of artists across languages, borders and artistic genres are invited to participate, creating a “mingling of cultures” between expressive artists and performers whose paths have mostly never crossed before.
With the aim of becoming a nationwide platform for cultural movements that will continue into the future beyond the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Tokyo Caravan continues to roll out all over Japan as a unique “cultural circus,” welcoming celebrities active in the world of arts and culture, new talent and lively young expressive artists and performers.

Teaming up as the leading artists for Tokyo Caravan in Saitama are Yukinosuke Itoi and Junko Fukai of popular musical drama group FUKAIPRODUCE Hagoromo, renowned for its memorable and original music and energetic performances, and Ikuyo Kuroda, a choreographer at the forefront of contemporary dance in Japan.
In June, when local forests are lush and verdant, the three artists traveled around Saitama Prefecture to get some pointers, and researched the history and environment as well as the culture cherished by residents of the area. This time around, in addition to actors and dancers from Tokyo the three leading artists are joined in taking up the challenge of a cross-genre “mingling of cultures” by leading figures from Saitama’s traditional performing arts sphere and local expressive artists, who will showcase among other things folk song and dance from the Chichibu region, and steelpan music hailing from Trinidad. Together they will develop performances based on new and unique forms of expression.
This roving cultural movement has already made strides in Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, Tohoku, Kyoto, Kumamoto, Toyota, Kochi, Akita and Iwaki. What sort of cultural seeds will the project sow in Saitama, and what thrills and excitement will it generate? You can look forward to the project’s ongoing story beyond 2020!


No charge, no reservations required

Participating artists

Yukinosuke Itoi / Junko Fukai (FUKAIPRODUCE Hagoromo), Ikuyo Kuroda (choreographer/dancer),Asahi Ishikawa (actor),Jotaro Oishi (actor), Shinji Sawada (actor), Masahiko Shirota (actor), Keisuke Hidaka (actor), Daisuke Yamamori (actor), Steelpan Band-Pele-& Colors, The institute of Traditional Folk Music of The Minano district (Chichibu folk song and dance), Hikaru Komatsu (costume), Kenji Aoki (video), Manaho Kaneko (photography)

Tokyo Caravan General Supervisor
Hideki Noda (playwright, director and actor)

*Performers, programs etc. are subject to change without prior notice.

Live Webcast

To bring the “Tokyo Caravan in Saitama” to a wider audience, the event will be carried live on the official website.


Project Coordination Division, Arts Council Tokyo,
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture


Special stage in the Saitama 100 Years of Forest area , Omiya Park (4 Takahanacho, Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama)
*Saitama Wabi Sabi Festival 2019 will be held on the same day.
*To be held at Omiya Park Gymnasium in case of rain.



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Saitama Prefecture
Supported by
Saitama City