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Kimono dressing and Edo Sashimono (Traditional Japanese Craft)
[Same day program with Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019]

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Let’s enjoy and experience Japanese traditional culture together with historic buildings

The experience program such as of Kimono dressing and traditional Japanese craft (Making Chopsticks) will be held at the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum for foreign visitors. This is a valuable opportunity to come in contact with traditional culture while being surrounded by historical buildings of great cultural value. Guidance in English is available and guidebooks in Japanese, English, Chinese, or Korean will be distributed to participants.

*All programs are subject to change depending on schedules.

Other events on the same day
Please see here for details about Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019.

Edo Sashimono Experience

Sashimono, the art of traditional Japanese joinery,refers to the creation of items used in everyday life,such as boxes,shelves,desks and dressers,by using a woodworking ruler to measure boards and then fitting them snugly together.In this workshop,we will use these techniques to make wooden chopsticks.

10:30- / 11:30- / 13:30- / 14:30- / 15:30- (40 minutes each time)
Venue: Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum East Zone Next to Mantoku Inn
Number of participants: 8 persons per session
Admission: 500 yen (Advance application not required.)

Kimono dressing Experience

Enjoy a stroll in Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum in Kimono,a traditional Japanese clothes.There are five kinds of Kimono available; a formal Furisode with extra-long-sleeves,or a casual Kimono for woman,a formal Monpuku (crested Kimono) for men, and one for small children.
*In the event of rain, services will include fitting and photo shooting only.

9:30-15:00 (Final reception) (60 minutes per session)
Venue: Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum East Zone Mantoku Inn
Number of participants:100 persons per day
Admission:Free of charge (Advance application not required.)


Tokyo Tradition Office, Arts Council Tokyo
TEL: 03-5428-3655 (10:00-18:00)


Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum (East Zone)



Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History Culture)
Supported by and in cooperation with
Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment
Cooperated by
Edo Sashimono Cooperative Association (Edo Sashimono), The Cultural Foundation for Promoting the National Costume of Japan (Kimono dressing)