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null vol.4 @COFFEA EXLIBRIS kettle

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null is a program run by Artist Collective Fuchu (ACF) introducing various spaces around Fuchu by touring around places and areas where events and exhibitions are held.
The fourth null event takes place at specialty coffee shop COFFEA EXLIBRIS kettle, a cozy converted old building material supplies store in Higashi-Fuchu. Full of quirky, arty decorations and small objects, this creative café regularly hosts solo exhibitions and exhibition/retail events.
The theme this time around is bringing something related to holes, an idea from Fuchu native, artist Hideo Takashima. Says Takashima: “Look carefully around and you’ll find a lot of “holes” in everyday life, like tunnels, button holes, drains, etc. For this event my idea is for people to bring and talk about something to do with holes, something that you wouldn’t normally pay any attention to.”
This unique theme from Takashima, an artist whose work is based on everyday images that have been magnified and inverted, will provide participants with the opportunity to discover and experience the artist’s expressive process.
The null program invites participants to build on mutual interaction and exchange, discovering common ground with/aspects of each other they didn’t know before, and talking about what they think, and what they’re interested in.

null: free places and arty ideas
The null project is concerned with creating a diverse, free and “blank-space” environment for the creation of an autonomous cultural and artistic community where different values intermingle. With“null null konekuto” (‘kneading smoothly’)as its watchword, organizers aim to expand and spread art-centric, diverse and deep-seated networks between people, between people and places, and between people and ideas.

Process on the day

[What to bring]
Bring something related to “holes.”

STEP 1 Briefing on the null process and self-introductions

STEP 2 Display and introduction of items brought along
At the venue participants freely display and introduce what they have brought along. These become talking points and enhance mutual interaction.

STEP 3 About null online
null Online is an SNS exclusive to ACF. Organizers will demonstrate how to use it and how to create groups with it (open to all).

STEP 4 About future null events
Organizers will conduct a questionnaire on things and places of interest to use as reference for the next null event.



Participation fee

500 yen (no reservation required)


Hideo Takashima


NPO Artist Collective Fuchu (ACF)


COFFEA EXLIBRIS kettle (3-19-3 Hachimancho, Fuchu City, Tokyo)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), NPO Artist Collective Fuchu (ACF)