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Outdoor exhibition “Yaseichi”

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To coincide with Hatsuuma (“first day of the horse”), YATO project members led by filmmaker Shuhei Hatano will hold an outdoor exhibition making use of natural objects like trees and flowers found in the wooded temple grounds of Ryoudenji.

Outdoor exhibition “Yaseichi”
There’s a piece of unused land behind the cemetery at Ryoudenji Temple, a circular piece of land around a large wisteria tree. When I first stepped foot in this space, which is surrounded by a grove of trees, I had a sense of it being a wild and sacred place. I want to express this feeling using only natural objects from the grove, and keep the exhibition open until the exhibits have decayed and returned to the trees.
Shuhei Hatano

*The outdoor exhibition will be open to visitors for several days from Saturday, February 8 (10:00 to 17:00). Please refrain from directing enquiries to Ryoudenji Temple. Because this is an outdoor exhibition that makes use of the natural world, it will be open for a limited time until the exhibits decay naturally.

Related event 1: Yatokko domei: get together and get ready for Hatsuuma!

Since last year YATO has been helping out with preparations for Hatsuuma (sweeping leaves from the temple approach, cleaning Inari shrines and fox statues). We hope to be joined by all Yatokko (children involved with the YATO project).
(Click here for scenes from last year)

About Hatsuuma
A festival held at Inari shrines on the first day of the horse in February. This year’s festival falls on Sunday, February 9, when people will visit shrines with offerings.

Meeting place: Outside Komorebi-do , Ryoudenji Temple (2-5-33 Tadao, Machida, Tokyo)
Meeting time: Saturday, February 8, 2020 10:00
After cleaning for around an hour, we will bake yaki-imo sweet potatoes in fallen leaves.

Related event 2: Tohru Nakazaki: “Artist’s talk & YATO project idea meeting

Artist Tohru Nakazaki joins us to discuss new projects for YATO to mull over.
Please see here for details.


Outside Komorebi-do near Inari Shrine, Ryoudenji Temple
Access: 5-minute walk from a bus stop at Yamazaki Elementary School
*Parking space is limited, so please use public transportation.


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Toukoukai (social welfare corporation)