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null vol. 6 online

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We have decided to hold null vol. 6 online on Saturday, August 29 at 14:00. The event was initially planned for Saturday, February 22 but was postponed due to concerns over the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). (08/24/2020)
Due to the concern regarding the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and due to the safety and health for the participants and staffs, we have announced the postponement of this event. A rescheduled date will be announced later.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly ask for your understanding. (02/21/2020)

null is a program run by Artist Collective Fuchu (ACF) introducing various spaces around Fuchu by touring around places and areas where events and exhibitions are held. However, considering the risk of coronavirus infection from face-to-face contact, we will be holding a version of this event using web conference app Zoom.
This time around, participants are asked to bring something they “love to the point of obsession.”
Natsumi Morimoto, the owner of baz tools&plants in Fuchu, came up with the theme for this event. This is a theme that could only have come from Morimoto, who insists on the things she loves to the point that her store, which is full of things related to her own hobbies and interests, could be called “the store too discerning to open.” Says Morimoto: “When you become an adult there’s no place where you don’t have to be ashamed of saying how much you love something! I got this idea thinking how great it would be to have a platform where people could show things off with the excited eyes of a child. I hope people bring things they love more than anything else.”

null: free places and arty ideas
The null project is concerned with creating a diverse, free and “blank-space” environment for the creation of an autonomous cultural and artistic community where different values intermingle. With “null null konekuto” (‘kneading smoothly’) as its watchword, organizers aim to expand and spread art-centric, diverse and deep-seated networks between people, between people and places, and between people and ideas.

Process on the day

[What to bring]
Bring something you “love to the point of obsession.”

STEP 1 Briefing on the null process and self-introductions

STEP 2 Display and introduction of items brought along
Participants introduce what they have brought along online. These become talking points and enhance mutual interaction.

STEP 3 About null online
null Online is an SNS exclusive to ACF. Organizers will demonstrate how to use it and how to create groups with it (open to all).

STEP 4 About future null events
Organizers will conduct a questionnaire on things and places of interest to use as reference for the next null event.



Participation fee



NPO Artist Collective Fuchu (ACF)


IN VINO VERITAS SANTGRIA (1-1-7 Honcho, Fuchu City, Tokyo)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), NPO Artist Collective Fuchu (ACF)