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Tokyo Project Study 2: Tokyo Sculpture Project

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The journey towards Münster 2027

We are currently being forced to change our behavior. There is a keen sense of change in behavior, values and sensibility. You could say these are compulsory changes to our daily “performance,” in terms of how we behave towards others and society, how we interact, how we are and how we exist.
In such a climate, “creating” something in “Tokyo” has become a more difficult proposition than before.
This Study project began with the experiences of the art festival Skulptur Projekte Münster, held once every ten years. Sculptural works feature in the streets where we live, but seen from the time axis of a decade, the concept of sculpture expands to something close to sound art, performance or art project, with the meaning and reality of sculptural works changing with the times.
The concept of“performance” will also likely change, expanding and contracting with time. This is not necessarily something to feel pessimistic about; perhaps it holds some pointers and appeal for the act of artistic creation.
In Study 2, participants will join navigators and guests in attempting to “create” a work by actually moving their hands, head and body. Keeping in mind the perspective of “performance,” we will start by transforming something small into something concrete.

See PDF here for information on applying for Tokyo Project Study
See here for images from 2019 project activities
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Artist: Ima theater (performance project)[Saori Azuma, Miho Inatsugu, Aki Miyatake,Tomo Yamazaki]
Project planning: Shinya Satoh (Architect / Professor, Department of Architecture. Nihon University College of Science and Technology)

Operations staff
Rinako Horikiri (Research assistant, Department of Architecture, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University)
Ryohei Tomita (photographer/videographer)

Study Managers
Shinsuke Ouchi (Program Officer, Arts Council Tokyo)
Manaka Murakami (Program Officer, Arts Council Tokyo)

Program activity keywords

– Tokyo, sculpture, theater
– Performing arts, performance art
– Fiction, plays
– Workshops, research, discussions
– Creation

Target participants

– People who want to think about performance
– People who are interested in learning about the process by which artists create something, and who are interested in creating artworks.
– People with a sense of humor who want to explore the creative process
*Any expressive form or specialty such as art, film, music, theater, architecture.
*The fundamental premise of the project is face-to-face interaction in workshops etc., so it is a prerequisite that applicants are able to participate directly. (Depending on the situation with coronavirus and any accompanying social measures, we may switch to implementing the project online)


– We will conduct several intensive workshop sessions between October and December, of 2-3 days per month. Including lectures, tasks and the creation of small pieces, the workshops will feature guest artists from different genres.
– The aim of the workshops is for participants to produce something creative such as a small piece of art, by actually working the hands, head and body, all the while learning about each artist’s activities and how they create their works.
– In addition the program will include workshop reviews, discussions, and presentations by navigators.
– We may conduct research and field work as necessary as the Study progresses.
– In January we plan to hold workshops focusing on the navigators. At the end there will be a trial performance of small pieces, based on experiences from the workshops.


About 10 persons

Participation fee

General 30,000 yen, students 20,000/for approx. 8 months
*Does not include transportation expenses for fieldwork and other activities.

Dates of activities

Wednesday, September 2 19:00 – 21:00 Orientation and self-introduction
Sunday, September 27 Outing (visit to Sumida Mukojima EXPO 2020)
Sunday, October 18 Guest workshop (1) Guest: Takayuki Imaizumi (creator of “Imaginary Maps”)
Friday, October 23 (evening) – Sunday, 25 Guest workshop (2) Guest: Taiyo Tochiaki (dancer/actor/director)
*Workshops will take place between Friday, October 23 – Sunday, 25 (up to 3 days long)
Wednesday, October 28 19:00 – 21:00 Review /discussion sessions
Saturday, October 31, Saturday, November 7 Guest workshop (3) Guest: Shun Owada (artist)
*Workshops will take place on Saturday, October 31/Saturday, November 7 (up to 2 days long).
Wednesday, November 11 19:00 – 21:00 Review/discussion sessions
Saturday, November 14 Joint sharing session 1
Friday, December 11 (evening) Guest workshop (4) Guest: Mariko Tomomasa (contemporary artist, video artist)
*Workshops will take place between Friday, December 11 – Sunday, 13 (up to 3 days long)
Wednesday, December 16 19:00 – 21:00 Review/discussion sessions
Friday, January 22 (evening) – Sunday 24 Ima theater workshop
*Workshops will take place between Friday, January 22 – Sunday, 24 (up to 3 days long)
Sunday, January 31 Joint sharing session 2

*Schedule / details are subject to change.
*Details of workshop dates and times will be decided shortly.
*Sharing sessions will be held jointly with all Study programs.
*From February through March there may be work related to summary/creation of deliverables.

How to apply

Please use the application form here. The application is closed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 18:00

*Priority will be given to people able to attend all dates of activities and joint sharing sessions
* How we hold project activities – face-to-face, online or such like – will be determined as occasion calls, based on the situation with coronavirus and any accompanying social measures.
*Please note that after the project has begun, there will be no refunds due to cancellation of attendance.
*Program details are subject to change.
*Your personal information will be used only to send you information from the organizer about this project.

Selection schedule
Sunday, August 9 and Monday, August 10 (public holiday): Selection period
*After the document screening we may contact you online or by telephone.
Around Wednesday, August 12: Notification of results


TARL office
Project Coordination Division,
Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
TEL: 03-6256-8435(Weekday 10:00-18:00)


Arts Council Tokyo ROOM 302 (6-11-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo [3331 Arts Chiyoda]) and others


Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)