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“Radio Shimo-Kajiro - From the music of that time and town, to here and now”
Online Debriefing and Concert (3 sessions)

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“Radio Shimo-Kajiro – From the music of that time and town, to here and now” is a project being carried out in Shimo-Kajiro Housing Complex, a prefectural disaster-recovery public housing complex in Fukushima’s Iwaki City. Under this initiative, which began in December 2016, project organizers create radio shows featuring recordings of memories of the towns where people once lived, together with well-known music. The recordings are distributed and released as a CD to residents only. By focusing on this practice, project organizers are trying to provide a link between residents with different positions, and a connection to people’s hometowns. Additionally, in 2019 we put together a “support band” to provide live accompaniment to residents’ “memory songs,” songs of nostalgia for residents which we’ve heard many times during our visits to the complex. The Kanto area-based musicians visit residents of the complex for activities such as the holding of concerts based on residents’anecdotes; and because they are far away from the complex, the musicians have managed to strengthen their relationships with residents using the power of imagination through music. And now 2020. Under the scourge of coronavirus, we will hold a three-part series of report-based events while continuing with online visits, looking even more closely at the relationship between creative expression and support, a relationship which is possible precisely because we are in the situation of not being able to meet. Centered around radio-style talk as we play music, we will offer a screening of video footage, as well as live performances by the support band, and a broadcasting spot with residents. Please join us for this meeting, which is both a debriefing and a concert.

Session 1: “Online Debriefing and Concert 2017 – 2018”

Tuesday (Public holiday), September 22, 2020 14:00 – 16:00

We bring you collections 1-5 from a total of 7 “radio CDs” produced under the project, presented in digest form featuring music tracks and video footage.

Collection 1: “Memories of the Joban Hawaiian Center”
Collection 2: “Work in those days, family scenes”
Collection 3: “Request highlights from 2017”
Collection 4: “The vista captured over the sea”
Collection 5: “A series of changes instead of goodbye”

Cast profiles (from the Radio Shimo-Kajiro team)
Wataru Asada (Project director/ in charge of presenting)
Shiori Suzuki (Project manager / in charge of local reporting)
Haruka Komori (documentary footage/ in charge of screenings)

*Detail of session 2 and 3 will be announced later.


Free (Reservation not required)

How to view

Live streaming on Tokyo Art Research Lab (TARL) Official YouTube Channel


Project Coordination Division,
Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
TEL: 03-6256-8435 (Weekday 10:00-18:00)




Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)