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Lifelong Learning Festival
“Raccolta – Creative Material Lab” Workshop

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The Raccolta project creates a framework to repurpose unwanted parts and fittings provided by local businesses for use in creative activity.
For this event, we are offering a workshop, “Raccolta Caravan,” as part of the Lifelong Learning Festival in Fuchu City. The aim of the workshop is to create the opportunity for people to express and demonstrate their creativity wherever they are.
The workshop will emphasize the process by which both children and adults engage with a variety of materials such as packing material, synthetic leather for school backpacks, offcuts of cloth, and cardboard cylinders, giving them a free hand to create artworks without a designated sample or objective to follow.
Raccolta Creative Material Lab allows you to put together different materials and turn them into a form of your own.

*This program is subject to change
*About Raccolta:

Target participants

Elementary school children and older

Admission fee


About participation

Reception: No reservation required. Participants are free to enter and exit the venue at any time (workshop sessions last approximately 30 minutes).
What to bring: It is not a necessity but please bring a bag if you plan to bring your work home with you.
Instructor: To be assisted by Artist Collective Fuchu staff members.


Artist Collective Fuchu(NPO)


2F Fuchu Lifelong Learning Center
(1-7 Sengencho, Fuchu City, Tokyo 〒183-0001)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Artist Collective Fuchu(NPO)
Materials provided by
TOKIO Lab Co., Ltd., KYOWA Co., Ltd., Higuchi Kaban Kobo Co., Ltd., F.F.P Co., Ltd ., CIRCUS Co.,Ltd., SATO tailoring class, GREEN、BOULANGERIE Terre Vivante, NGY Co., Ltd.